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Emergency Pendant


Emergency Pedant

Essence provides smart connected-living solutions for security, convenience, communication, and healthcare service providers. With 25 years of experience in the international market and over 30 million devices installed worldwide.


Our challenge was developing a smart emergency pendant that can be worn all day, disguising the technology and design it as a fashionable piece for older women. a jewel that women would love to wear regardless of its unique functions as an emergency device.

Designed to suit a wide audience in different parts of the world, so we designed over 15 different concepts! – In a prestigious, minimalist shape, with unique patterns, different materials and finishes. We did focus groups on different continents to characterize the taste of our special target audience.


With the conclusions of the research phase, we approached the final design and crafted a piece of jewelry that fits every day and evening wear, combining a real gold necklace with a unique locking mechanism that meets the standards of standard emergency buttons that allow for quick tugging.


The manufacturing technologies of jewelry, is often low-tech technologies such as metal casting and manual finishes, we mimicked the finish in mass production technologies.


The device is small so we had quite a few mechanical challenges – to minimize internal mechanism and push-button movement that hides behind the front cover, waterproofness and LED indicator that is revealed only when pressed and the rest of the time completely hidden behind quality painting, dealing with overall weight and balance on the chain, All this without seeing technical connections and screws as a good quality jewelry.


Jewel is not supposed to “work” and withstand the push of a button, to be waterproof or meet the standards of the product industry. our challenge was to design a trendy piece that will stand up to all these over time and function reliably in an emergency situation